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Kitemana Golf Travel Light BoardbagProlimit

Kitemana Golf Travel Light Boardbag 10 out of 10 2 user reviews.
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Kitemana Travel Light Golf Boardbag

Stylish boardbag with wheels

The Prolimit Travel Light board bag is our lightweight kitesurf travel bag. The best features of the ultra light and aero are combined in the Travel Light board bag that brings the benefits of wheels without getting too heavy! The bag has a padding at the bottom and the edges to protect your kitesurfing equipment well on the go. The rest of the bag is made of durable 600D polyester (water repellent). The Prolimit Travel Light boardbag has compact, removable wheels. You can quickly zip off when you arrive at the check-in counter to weigh your stuff, awesome!

The Travel Light board bag can be zipped from the top so that you can easily put your things in and take it out. A simple and compact travel bag for the kite surfer. You can easily transport 1 board and 3 kites. The Travel light Golf Boardbag has a stainless steel zipper that stays good for years. You can store the bag super small thanks to the Storage Loop. A great board bag for this price!

  • Golf Boardbag with wheels
  • Suitable for 3 kites and a twintip
  • Durable stainless steel zipper
  • 5 mm padding on the inside
  • Heavy Duty 600D Polyester

    Prolimit Kitemana Boardbag Golf Travel light

    Prolimit Kitemana Boardbag Golf Travel light

  • Kitemana Golf Travel Light Boardbag Rating: 10 out of 10 Thom 2019-05-03
    3 May 2019 on 08:36

    Easy light weight travelbag for more then enough gear

    Kitemana Golf Travel Light Boardbag Rating: 10 out of 10 Steef 2018-10-08
    8 October 2018 on 14:38

    Top tassie! Rolt gemakkelijk achter je aan en voelt zeer licht aan. Bedankt kitemana voor de snelle levering!

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