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Lift 2021 Kite Airush

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Airush Lift 2020 Kite

The new high performance big air kite from Airush: get lifted with the Lift!

The new Airush Lift is all about boosting, hangtime, big air, and performance freeride. The Lift is made for the kite surfer who wants nothing more than to break his height record. In addition, the Airush Lift 2021 is a kite that gives you unprecedented hang time, offers explosive power and stability in the most extreme conditions. The ease of use and the incredible good top end performance make the Lift the ultimate big air machine from Airush. The Lift has been extensively tested by Gijs Wassenaar and Oswald Smith to give you the best big air experience. Besides big air, the Airush Lift also gives you the opportunity to cruisein a very relaxed way and improve your freeride game.

The Lift was developed with the big air team of Airush. The Airush Lift 2020 has a five strut design which makes the Lift very stable in extreme conditions such as strong and gusty wind. The open profile of the Lift ensures that you will be lifted gradually but enormous hights and with never ending hangtime into the air. In addition, the open profile and the five struts ensure that you will not come down super hard if you have to land from after a great jump. If you really want to make the smoothest landing there is, the Airush Lift is easy to downloop. The Airush Lift is able to fly on a low and high Y split. The Airush Lift comes with a ring with which you can make a Y split at 15m from the power lines.

The Lift 2021 has, like the other top models kites from Airush, a LoadFrame V4 with WebTech. This is a reinforcement that runs through the canopy, so that Airush does not have to use as much Dacron in the Lift, but can still make a strong kite. This has allowed Airush to significantly reduce the weight of the Lift. The fabric of the Airush Lift 2021 consists of TechnoForce D2 Ripstop, this is one of the strongest kitesurfing fabrics on the market. At vulnerable points such as the LE and the struts, the Lift is reinforced with kevlar and bumpers to extend the lifespan of the Lift. You can easily and quickly inflate the Airush Lift in one go with the XL one-pump.

In short, the new Airush Lift 2021 is a kite that is comparable to, for example, an XR6 or a Rebel. Never ending hangtime and great heights, that"s what the Airush Lift is all about. The ease of use of the Lift is great, which means that you don"t have to be a pro to lift yourself to great heights!

  • Big Air | High Performance Freeride
  • 5 struts
  • Open profile
  • 4 lines
  • High and low Y split
  • Exclusive Airush LoadFrame
  • Exclusive Airush WebTech
  • Technoforce D2 Ripstop

    Airush Lift 2021 Kite
    Airush Lift 2021 Kite
    Airush Lift 2021 Kite

  • Gijs Wassenaar
    Gijs Wassenaar
    13 August 2020

    Kite is stabiel, vooral in harde wind komt de kite tot z’n recht, nog nooit zo makkelijk zo hoog gesprongen!

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