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Blok Surfboard Brunotti

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Burnotti Blok Directional Surfboard

Easy surfboard for less perfect conditions

The Brunotti Blok is perhaps the ideal surfboard for the North Sea. This Brunotti directional is made for the small and messy surfing conditions as we see a lot on the North Sea. Because of the classic surf shape of the Brunotti Blok, this surfboard feels like a true directional, but is easy to ride. The fairly straight rocker line ensures that you do not have to put in too much effort to ride upwind with the Brunotti Blok and that has the advantage that you can catch a lot of waves. The straight tail and the sharp rails make the Blok a surfboard with which you can easily make turns with.
The construction of the Brunotti Blok consists of a sandwich construction with an EPS foam core and an epoxy finish. Brunotti has opted for a thruster configuration as the fin setup. This means that the Blok has three fins. This setup gives you enough grip and at the same time provides a playful feeling. The necessary Futures thruster fins are supplied with the Brunott Blok. To give you the best surfing experience, a tailpad is included with the Brunotti Blok. There are inserts in the deck to offer the possibility to ride the Brunotti Blok surfboard with straps. The Brunotti Block is available in two sizes, a 5 "7 and a 5" 3.

  • Allround surfboard
  • Thruster setup
  • Futures fin boxes
  • Sandwich construction
  • Inserts for foot straps
  • Includes fins
  • Includes tailpad
  • 5 "3" x 18 "x 2 3/8" - 26 liters
  • 5 "7" x 18½ "x 2 3/8" - 28 liters

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