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Dimension Galactic 2022 Kiteboard Brunotti

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Brunotti Dimension Galactic 2022 Kiteboard

Allround kiteboard with a striking design by Brunotti

The Brunotti Dimension Galactic 2022 Kiteboard is a friendly all round kiteboard. whether you like freeride, freestyle or big air, the Dimension Galactic performs great in every discipline! With CNC-shaped wooden core and Active Backbone, the kiteboard is durable and super friendly, making the kiteboard ideal for the beginning kitesurfer. This construction also provides good pop, making the kiteboard ideal for freestyle tricks. The kiteboard is cut from one piece, which gives the kiteboard a unique flex, so that the kiteboard sails comfortably regardless of the conditions.

The flat rocker line of the Dimension Galactic 2022 gives you control over the kiteboard in the roughest conditions. In addition, the flat rocker line ensures that sailing upwind is effortless. The DRS Tech is a diamond-shaped rail. These rails ensure that you can keep your edge as long as possible during the stronger wind days and that you can set off just a little better for a jump. Combined with double concave and double channels at the bottom you have all the tools for the perfect amount of grip for the biggest boosts!

Are you looking for a kiteboard with a cool design that can do everything? The Dimension Galactic has the best features for every discipline and all conditions, so a real all-rounder! The Brunotti Dimension Galactic 2022 comes with Brunotti's new high-quality G10 fins for optimal performance.

  • Allround freeride | Freestyle
  • Cool Galactic design
  • Medium flat rocker line
  • CNC wood core
  • DRS Tech Rails
  • Hyperbolic chassis
  • Torque Equalizer
  • Active backbone
  • Double channel
  • Double concave
  • Includes G-10 Twintip fins

  • Brunotti  Dimension Galactic 2022 kiteboard

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