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Riptide 2022 Kiteboard Brunotti

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Brunotti Riptide 2022 Kiteboard

High performance freeride and freestyle kiteboard from Brunotti

The Brunotti Riptide 2022 is a friendly all-round kiteboard. No matter what conditions you want to use the Riptide in, the Riptide is the go-to kiteboard for all conditions. The Riptide is specially designed for women based on the Brunotti Dimension. The big difference between the Riptide and the Dimension is that the Riptide has a narrower stance for women and the lighter kite surfers among us.

The Brunotti Riptide 2022 has a CNC'd wood core, which means that the Riptide is not only super strong by nature, but also has sufficient stiffness. The Active Backbone is a so-called 'stringer' and runs through the entire board and gives the Riptide some extra torsional flex. An additional advantage of this flex distribution is that the force on the kiteboard is neatly distributed over the inserts. The Tourque Equalizer mentioned by Brunotti improves torsional rigidity for maximum control and perfect response at high speeds. The Brunotti Riptide 2022 has a medium rocker line, so you can easily come upwind and pop for the coolest tricks even in the most choppy conditions!

The DRS Tech rails of the Brunotti Riptide ensure that you always have a lot of grip. Combined with the channels in the tips and the double concave at the bottom of the kiteboard, you can keep your edge even in the strongest winds, which is ideal if you want to boost high and rideupwind. The Brunotti Riptide 2022 comes with Brunotti's strong G-10 fins.

Freeride, freestyle or big air, the Brunotti Riptide 2022 can do it all!

  • Allround freeride | Freestyle
  • Designed for women
  • More flex and narrow outline
  • Flat rocker line
  • CNC Wood Core
  • DRS Tech Rails
  • Hyperbolic chassis
  • Torque Equalizer
  • Active backbone
  • Double channel
  • Double concave
  • Includes G-10 Twintip fins

  • Brunotti Riptide 2022 Kiteboard

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