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AV8 1X 2019 Bar TrimliteCabrinha

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Cabrinha AV8 1X 2019 bar with Trimlite depower

4:1 ratio race pulley depower system

The new AV8 series from Cabrinha is designed to guarantee you the best foil / racing sensation on the water. That of course also includes a special AV8 Bar. This bar is different from the standard Cabrinha bar thanks to a new kind of depower. It has an extra extension that runs through the bar. Because of this you can always quickly and easily depower, without having to bend forward or ride a bit downwind. The 4:1 race pulley allows the rider to effortlessly trim under maximum load, while the extended trim tail allows the rider to control the trim without losing speed or adjusting body posture.

The Cabrinha AV8 bar is perfect for snowkiters, foilers and other riders who need extra depower. The line lengths can also be easily switched between 22 m, 19 m and 16 m long. By adjusting these configurations, the rider can easily adjust the depower and wind range of the kite, allowing optimum performance in a very wide wind range.

  • 4: 1 ratio racing pulley system for precision trimming
  • Split lines for optimum performance 16 m + 3 m + 3 m
  • Asymmetrical grip with increased traction for more grip
  • 1X flagout system
  • Low front line "V" for direct control
  • Comprehensive security with 1X security signaling per line
  • Soft and ergonomic EVA bar ends with flexible grooves

    Cabrinha AV8 1X 2019 bar met Trimlite depower

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