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HI Rise Carve 2019 Foil Cabrinha

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Cabrinha Hi Rise Carve Hydrofoil

Cabrinha all-round freeride kitesurf hydrofoil

After the Hi Rise Speed ​​and Lift, Cabrinha now introduces the Hi Rise Carve hydrofoil for kite surfing. The Hi Rise Carve has been specially developed for the kite surfer who is looking for a diverse hydrofoil setup which you can use from your first meters on the foil to playful freeride sessions between waves or flat water. You will certainly not get bored of this hydrofoil!

The Cabrinha Hi Rise Carve creates easy low speed lift. As a result, you can already kite hydrofoil with relatively little wind with this Carve hydrofoil from Cabrinha. Your number of kitesurf sessions will explode! The Carve is manoeuvrable, but due to the winglets on the tip ends, the Hi Rise Carve remains super stable on the straight and the foil is easy to control. In addition, the winglets improve the effectiveness of the Carve and offer more stability in turbulent water. The rear wing can be mounted more to the front or more to the rear. More to the front provides a more playful feeling and if you attach the rear wing more to the rear of the fuselage you will notice that the Hi Rise feels more stable.

The lightweight wings and mast are made from a Pauwlonia wooden core and durable Basalt fibers. On the outside this is finished with a beautiful and strong black fiberglass construction. The fuselage has a somewhat wider nose than the normal fuselage and is made of aluminum. By means of a four-point attachment you can attach the Hi Rise Carve to almost any foilboard such as the AutoPilot, X-Breed foil and Double Agent. To top it off, the entire Cabrinha Hi Rise Carve set comes in a neat storage bag.

  • Freeride hydrophilic
  • Elevator at low speed
  • Low aspect ratio
  • Winglet tips
  • Lightweight construction
  • Aluminum fuselage
  • Including neat storage bag

    Cabrinha Hi Rise Carve Hydrofoil

    Cabrinha Hi Rise Carve Hydrofoil

    Cabrinha Hi Rise Carve Hydrofoil

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