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Ambush mittleres + vorderes Fußpad Mystic

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Mystic Ambush Mid + Front Surfpad

Mystic front and rear deck pad with new grip

The new Mystic Ambush deck pads have a new kind of grip, the Gecko Grip. In the length direction all small slots run that provide a grip and comfort like you have never felt before. Super soft and lots of control. This Ambush center and front deck pad are suitable for both surfboards with a classic shape and the stubby surfboards. The edges are shaved and holes have been made in the middle parts of the Ambush deck pad so that you can ride the Mystic Ambush deck pad with foot straps. Always choose a deck pad when you go kite surfing on your directional because your normal wax is going to be push off your surfboard very quickly. Because of this you will have little grip and will be less able to ride hard!

  • New Gecko Grip
  • 3M sticker
  • Suitable for foot tires
  • Six parts
  • Black or white

    Mystic Ambush Mid + Front Surfpad Mystic Ambush Mid + Front Surfpad

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