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Trapeze ION

If you are looking for a new ION harness you have come to the right place. We at Kitemana sell all the ION harnesses. ION has been making harnesses of super good quality for a few years. They have developed a men's and women's harness collection. You have a wide choice of ION seat and waist harnesses. Do you want more information about the ION harnesses? Feel free to contact us or drop by our store. Read more about the ION harnesses here >>

Trapeze Größe

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B2 2020 Trapez
B2 2020 TrapezION
Radar 2020 Trapez
Radar 2020 TrapezION
Apex 8 2021 Hüfttrapez
Apex 8 2021 HüfttrapezION
Kite Knife 2.0 Multitool
Kite Knife 2.0 MultitoolION
Apex 8 2020 Trapez
Apex 8 2020 TrapezION
Apex Curv 13 2020 Trapez
Apex Curv 13 2020 TrapezION
C-Bar Slider 3.0 Spreaderbar
C-Bar Slider 3.0 SpreaderbarION
Echo 2021 Harness Sitztrapez
Echo 2021 Harness SitztrapezION
Riot Curv 14 2021 Trapez
Riot Curv 14 2021 TrapezION
Ripper Kite 2 2021 Kids Harness
Ripper Kite 2 2021 Kids HarnessION
Apex Curv 13 2021 Trapez
Apex Curv 13 2021 TrapezION
C-Bar Hook / Slider 3.0 Spreaderbar
C-Bar Hook / Slider 3.0 SpreaderbarION
C-Bar Kitehook/Rope Slider 2.0
C-Bar Kitehook/Rope Slider 2.0ION
C-Bar Rope Slider 2.0
C-Bar Rope Slider 2.0ION
ION Nova 6 2021 Trapez für Frauen
ION Nova 6 2021 Trapez für FrauenION
Nova 6 2020 Trapez
Nova 6 2020 TrapezION
Nova Curv 10 2020 Frauen Trapez
Nova Curv 10 2020 Frauen TrapezION
Nova Curv 10 Select 2020 Trapez
Nova Curv 10 Select 2020 TrapezION
Quicklock Hook
Quicklock HookION
Revoxx 5 2020 Trapez
Revoxx 5 2020 TrapezION
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Buy ION Harness

At Kitemana you can choose from many different ION harnesses. To help you with your choice, we have some more information about the harnesses below. The first choice you should make is whether you want to kite with a waist or sit harness. When you have made this choice, it is important to know whether you want a hard or soft harness. A high or low outline can also influence your choice. This is primarily a personal preference, because a harness sits differently on everybody. You also have to take into account which type of kitestyle you will ride. You can always visit us in the store to try on a harness or to request more information.

1. ION Harness Collection
2. Technologies ION Harness

ION Harness Collection

ION Apex

The Apex harness is one of the best-selling harness designs from ION. You have three different versions of this model, the Apex 8, Apex Curv 13 and the Apex Curv 13 Select. The Apex Curv 13 Select has the most premium features of the three harnesses, such as an ultra-light weight and a C-bar 3.0. The difference between the Apex Curv 13 and the Apex 8 is the Hyper Foam and the C 30 Buckle. The Apex 13 Curv harness is also slightly lighter than the Apex 8 Curv. However, there is an ION C bar on both of these harnesses.

The Apex design has the perfect balance between support and freedom of movement. Thanks to the high outline of the Apex harness you get a lot of support in your back. The pressure of the kite is super well distributed, so that your back does not bother you. The harness has flexible sides, so you get a lot of freedom of movement.


The Riot harness is one of the best performance harnesses from ION. There are also three different versions of the Riot design, the Riot 9, the Riot Curv 14 and the Riot Curv 14 Select. It also applies to these versions that the Riot Curv 14 Select has more premium features than the other harnesses, such as a C-bar 3.0, Curv Spine and a Double D Buckle. The differences between the Riot 9 and the Riot Curv 14 are the C-bar 2.0, the Curv, the C 30 Buckle and the weight.

The Riot harness also has a version made of carbon, the Riot CS 20 harness. This is a lightweight harness of very good quality. It is the stiffest harness from ION with a Flex Index of 20. This harness is equipped with a C-bar 3.0.

With a Riot harness you can stay on the water for a really long time without getting pain in your back thanks to the good performance. The harness has a low outline which gives you a lot of freedom of movement.


The Axxis 4 is one of the most flexible harnesses from ION. The harness gives a lot of freedom of movement due to the low outline and the flexible materials that are used. The special thing about this waist harness is that you can put a seat extension on it to make a seat harness. The harness can no longer slide upwards, which a waist trapeze often does.


The Revoxx 5 from ION is the perfect all-round harness. You can also attach a seat extension to this harness to transform the waist harness into a seat harness. The harness is super light and very flexible. This gives you a great deal of freedom of movement. The high outline gives you a great deal of freedom of movement.


The Nova harness is an all-round harness from ION for women. There are also three different versions of this harness, the Nova 6, the Nova Curv 10 and the Nova Curv 10 Select. The Nova Curv 10 Select also has the most premium features of these versions.

The Nova harness is specially designed for women. The harness has a high outline for a lot of support in the back. Thanks to the perfect balance of support and flexibility you get a lot of freedom of movement and you can stay on the water for a long time.


The Sol harness is the other waist harness for women from ION. This model has two different versions, the Sol 7 and the Sol Curv 11. The Sol Curv 11 has more premium features than the Sol 7. The Sol is a perfect performance harness and is suitable for advanced female kiters. Thanks to the low outline of the harness you get a lot of freedom of movement.

Seat harnesses

ION also has four different seat harnesses, the Radar, the B2, the Echo and the Vega for women. A sit harness is useful for kiters who get a backache quickly. Because the pressure of the kite with a seat harness is not on the back you can stay nice and long on the water.

Technologies ION Harness

Flex Index

The stiffness of a harness is displayed as a Flex Index figure at ION. These figures are between the 1 and 20, the higher the figure, the stiffer the harness. The figure can be found in the name of the harness.

3D Plus Spine

The 3D Plus Spine ensures that the ION harnesses are extra strong. This also gives you extra support in the back, so you can ride nice and long without getting bothered by your back.

Hyper Foam

The Hyper Foam is a super elastic material that ensures a perfect fit. This material cannot absorb water, so this keeps your harness super light.

Silicon Print

Thanks to the Silicon Print, your ION harness cannot slide up when kiting. This ensures that you can kite with even more comfort.

Internal Flex Belt

The Internal Flex Belt gives the ION harness a perfect fit. The belt adapts to the shape of your body and ensures that the harness fits perfectly.

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